GI Repair Powder by Vital Nutrients

gi repair powderGi repair powder by Vital Nutrients is a proprietary blend of ingredients that support normal gastrointestinal function and a healthy gastrointestinal lining. This soothing, palatable powder readily dissolves in water and is easily digested.

L-Glutamine (Non-Glycyrrhized) – The free-form amino acid is critical for gastrointestinal health, as it is important for a host of functions, including the transport of nitrogen. Without adequate L-Glutamine, the epithelial cells of the intestines can atrophy or become irritated. GI Repair Powder contains a non-glycyrrhized form of glutamine to prevent side effects associated with the use of glycyrrhizin.

Slippery Elm Bark Powder – A herb that has long been used for its relaxing properties in treating digestive disorders, slippery elm bark is included in the GI Repair Powder formula to help soothe an upset stomach or reduce bloating and cramping. Combined with aloe vera leaf inner fillet extract, the GI Repair Powder is an effective gastrointestinal support supplement that is a great addition to any diet.

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Aloe Vera, Marshmallow and Chamomile – These soothing herbs have long been used to calm and relieve digestive symptoms. They coat and soothe the intestinal lining, promote healing of ulcers and inflamed tissue, and reduce cramping by relaxing the intestines.

Okra and Cat’s Claw – These relaxing herbs also help to calm the gastrointestinal tract, improve bowel movements and reduce discomfort. They are included in the GI Repair Powder formula to promote a healthy gastrointestinal tract and maintain a positive attitude about taking GI Repair.