How to Write the Latest Press Report

Latest Press Report

The latest press release about a new acquisition is a good example. Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision stands out in the headline. The news of the acquisition will bring community and joy to the gaming industry. Activision and Microsoft executives discuss the positive impact of the acquisition and explain how it will benefit their respective communities. If your press release contains visual elements, you can add a more interesting layer to the story. Use a picture or graphic to illustrate your point.

Write a full story in a press release

Press releases should contain details, quotes, and specific names. They should also include newsworthy statistics. In addition, they should have contact information for media representatives. The about section is commonly referred to as boilerplate copy and should be two to four sentences long. It includes the name of the organization, its mission statement, founding date, and company size. In addition, they should include contact information for media representatives. Once these items are included, the rest of the press release should be streamlined into the information section.

The first paragraph of your press release should be as informative as a news article. It should summarize the main news in 25 words or less. Remember, journalists receive hundreds of press releases, so they need to select the most important ones. Make sure to include basic information like Who, What, Where, and How. Also, include a catchy headline to draw attention and explain why the information is important to the community.

After deciding on the angle and the metrics, write the rest of your press release. Remember that a press release is only as good as its hook. Your main story should be a short summary of the angles you want to highlight. The rest of the press release should focus on the details, and you should avoid repeating yourself. Finally, include contact information and a closure. This will give journalists a signal that the content is complete.

Include visual elements in a press release

Images and video are great additions to a press release, but be sure to have a good balance between text and images. If your press release doesn’t have any photos, focus on quality rather than quantity. Too many photos will overwhelm the text. Also, remember to include the name of the author and photo. If there are multiple authors, only the first one will be visible on the newsroom’s main page.

In a study of over one million press releases, researchers found that those with at least one visual element enjoyed 92 percent more visibility than those without. Additionally, a release that includes both images and video will get more than five times the visibility as a press release that doesn’t have any. In addition, a multimedia release that includes links to a campaign microsite will receive more views than a standard text release.

Another benefit of including images and videos in a press release is that they increase viewer engagement by about three times. According to PR Newswire, press releases with photos or video receive twice as many views as those with text alone. If you’re not sure whether to include photos or video in your press release, check out a case study of a company that uses Prezly to tell stories. Then, use those elements in your press release to get maximum exposure.